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Tuesday, 19. April 2011

3. File I/O: Microsoft office 2007
By jiaqing6, 02:11


3. File I/O: Microsoft office 2007

Generally speaking, the network program unable to get local resources little or no privileges, but File I/O changed all that. File I/O is a small sand-boxed File systems, widgets or other reliable program can be through ECMAScript/Javascript interface for accessing local files.

File I/O is an abstract of the File system, no known File system path separators, File attributes Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

(such as literacy permissions) Settings. File I/O interface provides literacy documents, creating files or folders, mobile or delete files etc method.

Through the File I/O, widget can read the local documents, without worry safety issues.

American software and information industry association (SIIA) said Friday that are considering famous auction site eBay to court, the reason is that many sellers use eBay auction platform sales Office 2010 is my favorite.

of pirated software, and eBay has been reluctant to take effective fight measures.

SIIA hundreds of software to represent the United States in the interests of the company two years ago, and established the network pirated software department. Since the SIIA has since earlier this year, against eBay sales of pirated software vendors filed a lawsuit, but 32 on the eBay has not been as Sue object.

SIIA antitrust department vice President francois Keith library was Kupferschmid) Keith mead (SIIA have been demanding eBay, said offensive its sellers sales of pirated software behavior, and therefore to eBay puts forward several Suggestions, but eBay is not willing to give cooperation.

Library eph shi mead said: "we decided to bring a suit directly eBay is forced to do so. If eBay continue to indulge their vendors selling pirated software... we will be forced to consider a suit Microsoft outlook 2010 is convenient!

directly." eBay He said although SIIA is still not immediately prosecution in the plan, but eBay SIIA in May this year at a conference, many SIIA member asks for a suit directly, be in namely prosecution to eBay selling pirated software based on eBay seller for second defendant, additional eBay. Outlook 2010 is powerful.


For library eph shi comments mead, eBay has not commented. But eBay hair person nicola · Shapiro (Nichola Sharpe) in March of this year has said, we always pay attention to the blow of selling pirated software vendors in activities, and for selling all kinds of software to eBay seller puts forward many restrictions, also canceled a day and three days of software auction business. In addition, eBay also requires software vendors through Paypal online payment system to confirm Microsoft Office is helpful.

your identity, and introduced the original software confirm mechanism.


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