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Before Mr HensingMicrosoft Office
By jiaqing6, 19.04.2011, 02:10


Before Mr HensingMicrosoft Office

 end interview talked about this industry sensitive 360 free kill soft problem, WangZong think 360 promotes free kill soft Bitdefender kernel, is for the truly of a function relatively simple low-end products, and Shanghai soft reach agent in the software on the function different, so is about their Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

sales that won't affect the WangZong said, and the practice of the 360 is a complete gimmicks, an operation condition good company will not be its flagship product, permanent free, it is not realistic! And Romania aspects must be charged for expenses, so 360 this out of his own pocket behavior is unlikely in the long run. Office 2010 is my favorite.


But at the same time WangZong also think 360 practice is understandable, this is, after all, his company's a commercial practice in long-term up, consider this instead Bitdefender disguised helped the promotion, everybody in China in practical low function version if it good after natural to have part of the users to buy our Bitdefender senior version, so the practice of 360 LianBang didn't think that will bring you some lethal effect. Microsoft Office is helpful.


Zhongguancun online software information July 29, 2007, according to the news from overseas website translation, a few days ago, have foreign net friend in his blog, claiming "the latest AVG 8 some encumbrance, as on a 7.5 version is convenient, recommend you use anti-virus software from China rising 2008."

Check the original

Rising 2008

The net friend in his article wrote:

I remember at a website to see such a sentence: "almost everyone know AVG, even their friends too. They all in the trial AVG free version 8.0 this software." I believe it is true, because one of my Microsoft Office 2007 is the best invention in the world.

friends once the 50s suggested I use AVG antivirus software. He is a businessman, is not a very familiar with computer, thus, the sales market do AVG how successful. (this proves the AVG market is so successful.)

I think, the latest AVG 8 software has some encumbrance, as on a 7.5 version is convenient. In fact, more antivirus software makers have started in each of the major program to add more and more Office 2007 can make life more better and easier.

parts, this has the software inflation. If you are using AVG8.0 this software, I would recommend you use one paragraph I found and the software, it tried to use than AVG software.

Now, come from the kaspersky 2009 was Charles barkley online software installation secret-key, more and more get added to blacklist. If you want to try this software words, so...


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