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This foreignOffice 2010
By jiaqing6, 19.04.2011, 02:14


This foreignOffice 2010

 manufacturers will free trial one year, and after function cutting anti-virus components, JiHu 360 by "permanent free antivirus software" name, time in China launched the media and user caused extensive concern. But in the subsequent media reports, "permanent free antivirus software" view Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

was revealed. And the manufacturer is in the statement made clear, with JiHu 360 free antivirus to increase brand awareness, responsible for sale by another agent.

Therefore, the worldwide interiors will free activities, nicknamed the "across the elves dozen Office 2007 makes life great!


Rising think, free trial mode is the Internet age through marketing way, to let users to "buy" after the first taste of the way to decide the final choice, very accord with the interests of the masses of users, so the manufacturers understandable, but through the agent to cheat users, the purpose of Many people like Microsoft Office.

seizes the market, finally can only be all reveal and rejection.

Rising MaoYiDing, the vice President "rising kaka 6.0" bundling year version free antivirus software and a firewall is full-featured genuine products, rising invited Bitdefender etc foreign manufacturers, will contain a firewall module all-in-one security suite also free year, common accept user inspection and selection, not with after cutting anti-virus components cheat users. I love Office 2010 !


Since 1991, MaoYiDing reiterated into safe areas in China, rising since the support and help users, has gradually grow up. With strong technical background and financial strength, rising all Microsoft Office 2010 is so great!

confidence and Bitdefender etc foreign manufacturers launched fairness, competition and rising think, arena should not confined in mainland China region, and should in global market competition launched synchronization.

According to reports, "rising antivirus software 2008 edition" some time ago to the first through the international authoritative Checkmark double platform test, becoming China's first through the Windows 7 make life wonderful!

test of antivirus products. Since since 2006, rising antivirus software has been smoothly through the including Britain west coast LABS, Germany TUV etc many world-class authority in international authentication, the virus in the award-winning assessments, is the most widely used series domestic security products.


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